Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas gift

I'm giving everyone on the internet, for Christmas, a new stable release of MaraDNS: This is a stable release; after over six months of testing, I feel comfortable declaring this branch the new stable branch of MaraDNS. This branch has a few new features compared to 1.2, most notably BIND zone file support.

I haven't uploaded it to Sourceforge yet, but it can be downloaded at the official web site.

I will support 1.2 until the end of 2010. Unlike 1.0, there will not be a "security fixes only" period of support. Both security and other critical bugs will be fixed for three more years. 1.0 is now only available as an indirect link from the download page and is only supported for critical security fixes.

I hope to answer the support email piling up in the next few days. The holidays are pretty hectic, however, so I can't guarantee anything.

- Sam