Monday, July 7, 2008

Linux sucks

Linux sucks.

I have had nothing but problems with Linux. I installed xUbuntu 8.04 (or so) 64-bit. It was OK for a while, but all of the network cards stopped working recently.

No big deal; I was in the process of trying out CentOS 5.2.

So, I installed CentOS 5.2. The video card worked; the sound card and wireless card didn't work. I was able to find some RPMs on the internet for the wireless card, installed the RPMs, then tried to run "yum upgrade".

It didn't work.

It would seem that, for some reason, the same rpm was installed twice. It's impossible to erase an rpm that's installed twice because rpm complains that you're referring to more than one rpm package. "rpm --rebuilddb" doesn't fix the problem either.

So, I tried editing /var/lib/rpm/Packages and renaming one of the two RPM packages. Unfortunately, the version of vi I was using decided to convert the character encoding of the file, and I didn't make a backup. So I lost my entire rpm database.

So now I have to reinstall the OS from the ground up.

Linux sucks.