Thursday, April 1, 2010

New revised MaraDNS roadmap

Today I have decided to revise my MaraDNS roadmap. I have realized that I have an intrinsic need to develop open-source software, and that this need is so strong it doesn’t matter if I get paid for my work.

That in mind, I will quit my job and have time to develop all of the features people wish. In particular:
  • I will fast-track finishing up recursion in Deadwood and release MaraDNS 2.0 in a month or two.
  • I will then integrate Deadwood and MaraDNS’ current authoritative code in to a single binary, releasing this as MaraDNS 3.0
  • I will then implement DNSSEC and DNScurve for MaraDNS, releasing this as MaraDNS 4.0
  • At this point, I will replace the authoritative core with a fast dynamic cache that will allow a multi-dimensional associative array to be read to and written from disk. This will allow live zone transfers, and instant startup, no matter how many DNS entries one has
  • I will implement a method where one’s originating IP can change the reply MaraDNS gives; this will allow MaraDNS to support multiple DNS “views”, as well as changing DNS responses based on the client’s geographic location (Geo-IP)
  • I should be able to implement any and all features users ask for.
In order to implement all of these features in a timely manner, I will quit my day job and devote all of my time to developing MaraDNS. I will, of course, not charge for MaraDNS and keep it available under an open-source license because, well, information wants to be free. My inherit need to create code is more important than my need to pay the rent and for food.

I should have MaraDNS 2.0 released in a month or two, MaraDNS 3.0 released by the end of 2010, and I will release MaraDNS 4.0 one year from today, on April 1, 2011.