Thursday, January 11, 2007

Known MaraDNS annoyances

Here is my list of known MaraDNS annoyances.

  • MaraDNS 1.0 does not correctly show ANY records in the authoritative cache if the RD bit is set. The bug is in line 2316 of MaraDNS.c; this has been fixed in 1.2. This is not an issue serious enough to fix in the 1.0 branch. The workaround is to use the '-n' option with askmara with debugging issues with authoritative records, or, better yet, to upgrade to MaraDNS 1.2.
  • MaraDNS 1.2 can't resolve non-authoritative star records. Basically, star records have to be in the zone they say are in; a star record that ends in "" has to be in a zone file for ".", "com.", or "" The workaround is to either help betatest the 1.3 release (which fixes this issue) or to make sure star records are always in their own zone.
  • There is an issue with hostnames that are just a '.' by itself (the root). This issue has been fixed in the January 12 snapshot of MaraDNS. The workaround is to use a % in a '.' zone for root hostnames.