Tuesday, January 9, 2007

MaraDNS 1.3.02 released; Blogger borked

MaraDNS 1.3.02 has been released. This is a testing release; this test adds a number of features which have not been fully tested and will add new bugs. For example, the special "version.maradns" query does not work if MaraDNS does not serve any zone files.

The release is available here:


Scroll down to "testing release".

From the changelog:
  • The recursive resolver can now use custom root servers for subtrees of the DNS space; for example root_servers["local."] = ""
  • Windows port now compiles with -Os, resulting in a smaller Windows binary (actually, when I built the binary, I set this parameter by hand; now it's the default Windows build flag)
  • Windows port now uses pthreads-w32 2.8 instead of pthreads-w32 2.6
  • csv2 parsing code updated to always allow and always ignore commented tildes
  • Bugfix: Star records that aren't in an authoritative zone now work
  • MaraDNS now will not waste time trying to find authoritative records if there are no authoritative records to find
  • Some minor webpage updates
  • Troubleshooting guide added to tutorial

* * *

It would seem that Blogger is currently broken when running the Spanish (Latin America) language version of Firefox on Linux. I was unable to log in to edit this blog; I finally had to use the English version of Firefox on Windows XP to publish this blog.

- Sam