Thursday, July 26, 2007

1420 update: Suspend broken

    Well, it would seem that there is a key feature broken with my Inspiron 1420: Suspend is completely broken. Not just a little broken. Completely broken. Attempts to suspend the laptop do nothing more than crash the system.

    I, of course, tried various ways to suspend the system:
    • sudo pmi action suspend
    • sudo pmi action hibernate
    • sudo apt-get install uswsusp

      Followed by either:



    All of these have the same result: The system crashes, forcing a reboot.

    Another bug: Take a blank DVD-RW. Format it as a UDF filesystem in Windows Vista. Write data to the disk. Now, put it in the Linux system. Write some more files. The UDF filesystem is now perfectly fine in Linux---but Windows Vista can not read any of the data on the disk, and will not allow you to write to the disk unless you reformat the DVD-RW.

    Now, this could simply being a case of Microsoft playing their old vendor lockout games, where they refuse to read UDF-formatted disks written to by the competitor's product.

    Speaking of vendor lockout, I wonder how log it will take Microsoft before they punish Dell for selling non-Microsoft computers by charging more for Windows.