Monday, July 16, 2007

I like Microsoft's clear type technology

Just a quick note that I'm quite impressed with Microsoft's clear type technology. I once posted a list of three fonts that I could do all of my computation with. Well, I can make the list now only have two fonts: Chortle, my modification to Claris SIL, which is, in turn, a modified Bitstream Charter. This font is remarkably readable on the screen using Clear Type, and has an elegance that Verdana (far more readable if one does not have a clear type rendering) do not have. I also need a fixed-width font to add to this list; maybe the monospace liberation font from RedHat.

The only problem with the Clear Type rendering is that the upper case letters sometimes jump up or down one pixel, probably because of the lack of hinting information in the font.

I will post a sample of how Chortle looks with Clear type rendering soon.

- Sam