Monday, February 11, 2008

ObHack snapshot update

I did a lot of work on ObHack this weekend. Mainly, I have completely revamped the Heretic theme.

Previously, ObHack had only one there for Heretic: A castle theme. I felt kinda silly being in a castle in E2 (Hell's Maw), so I finally fixed things so Hell's Mall looks like Hell, The Domes (E3) are quite as castle-looking as E1, E4 has a very sandy, Egyptian look, and E5 has a garish surrealistic.

If only one episode is made, a theme from E1 to E4 is randomly chosen (E5 is a little far-out to have as the only theme in a game)

I have also made some changes to the pop-down menu: It's now possible to have "rare" outdoors, that isn't 100% indoors, but has less outdoors than "some" outdoors. In addition, there are two new game types: Deathmatch without exits and a menu selection for Capture the Flag (CTF).

Note that CTF isn't supported yet; selecting CTF just makes normal deathmatch maps. However, this allows someone interested in CTF to add support for CTF to ObHack's scripts.

It can be downloaded here

(Geek note: I'm seeing if it's possible to post to Blogger using Dillo)