Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yay! I got Dillo to completely work in my Mini-CD distribution

MOAM-CD is a project I have been working at on and off for a while. I realized recently that I don' t use MOAM-CD that much any more, so my efforts here have been making a version of MOAM-CD that I can burn and forget about. Also, since I use the .mp3 files on the CD for meditating, I wanted to be able to add more songs.

Hence, I have gotten rid of security-hole-of-the-month-club Firefox, and am now using a slightly hacked version of the latest i18n version of Dillo. Ironically, the i18n part of this version was broken, but it has other cool features the last (and probably final) 2006 stock release of Dillo doesn' t have, such as tabs, and the ability to actually use Gmail to read and send mail.

The i18n part was broken; I got rid of all of the iconv-using code and replaced it with a very basic UTF-8 ro Latin-1 converting code that won' t convert text that is already Latin-1. I also changed the HTTP code to not send an " Accept charset" of UTF-8, but send iso 8859-1 instead. And Dillo is run in a wrapper script that sets the environmental variable LANG to " es_MX" (Mexican Spanish) before running Dillo.

Once I did all this, everything worked like a dream for the two languages I speak: English and Spanish. I can not only see all of the accents correctly on web pages, I can also write and send emails that have accents in them.

In addition, there is some hackey code that converts UTF-8 quotes in to ASCII quotes, so I can read pages that use those ugly quotes, such as the WEB Bible.

So now, I have an image that I will burn in a day or two (I' m testing it with a burned CD-RW) that has a web browser I don' t need to update every month, and that I can use for using Gmail and posting blogs.

And, if I do need Firefox, I have changed things so the CD can use a file on a USB memory stick as the root filesystem, allowing me to update Firefox without needing to burn a new CD. So, I get the best of both worlds.

OK, I' ve been obsessed with Dillo for too long (two or three days). Time to go home, text my friends, and rest.

I hope to post some files in a day or two.