Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ObHack update; MaraDNS support status

I've done a lot of little updates to ObHack:

Oblige.lua updated to about over 40,000,000 usable seed numbers instead of only 500,000 or so usable seed numbers (instead of incrementing an index and resetting the RNG every time we can't build a level because we couldn't place a stair or what not, we just don't reset the RNG)

x_heretic.lua tweaks: E6 now has ten, not three levels, in a loop. This happens to work with Deng 1.8.6, but may cause problems in other source ports. E6 is not clearly defined, and I like the loop of levels (Note: The original DOS Heretic crashes when you enter E6M5)

We now never have the firemace in levels (it's a poor weapon for anything but deathmatch, and there's issues with the firemace not appearing). I also tweaked monster.lua to allow a non-weapon to be placed as a "weapon"

E5 is now a mish-mash of themes, instead of just the very loud "garish" theme. Slight tweak to outdoor "Pharoah" theme to make it look nice (no more ugly grey-and-red; now it's a much nicer yellow-and-red)

Planner.lua improvement: If a level is too small, we take one of the quests in the level and make that quest a little longer; this stops ObHack from slowing down when a level isn't big enough.

I have also tweaked things so "puzzles" affects the maps, even at the tiny and small sizes. Deciding number of keys/switches/etc in small levels redone; fixes "no weapons" bug for small levels.

Tiny levels tweaking: Quests will not be longer than three units (this guarantees that tiny levels are smaller than small levels). Tiny levels now always have two things; either one puzzle and one goodie (weapon/item), or two goodies.

Tweaked rare: Now, in a map with "rare" outdoors, there will be no more than two quests that are outdoors

ObHack is available here

I have answered a simple RTFM question someone asked me about MaraDNS. This leaves me five more emails to answer, which I have downloaded and will hopefully answer this week. We'll see.