Monday, September 1, 2008

MaraDNS snapshot update; ObHack 004a release

I have just released a new snapshot of MaraDNS. The big changes are:
  • Deadwood 2 updated to Deadwood 2.02. This version has a couple of bugfixes that make it a usable thread-free security-aware forwarding cache resolver.
  • BSD updates: This version should compile fine in the various BSDs out there. There is a report Duende doesn't run on FreeBSD; if anyone using FreeBSD wants to fix Duende's code, please sent a patch to the mailing list (UPDATE: Someone is sponsoring fixing this bug, so I'm downloading a VMware image of FreeBSD as I type this)
It is available here:

I have also released ObHack 004a today. This release is a new stable release and I have no plans to add any new features to ObHack at this point, but welcome bug reports. It can be downloaded here: