Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deadwood release: Deadwood 2.02

OK, I have been using the August 21st snapshot of Deadwood without problem for the last week, so it looks pretty stable. That in mind, I have just released Deadwood 2.02. This is a stable release of Deadwood.

Everything words: Resurrections, writing cache to disk, reading cache from disk, compiling and running under Windows without Cygwin (without all of the features, alas), etc.

The "Google problem" isn't fixed, but that will wait for the post-2.02 snapshots (see older Deadwood entries for a description of this problem).

I will make Deadwood 2.02 the version of Deadwood included in the next 1.3 snapshot of MaraDNS.

It can be downloaded at

- Sam