Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deadwood minor update

OK, last Friday I had big plans for updating Deadwood.

That didn't happen.

I actually finished another personal project on Saturday. On Sunday, I spent all afternoon with my neighbor, who fed me some really yummy tostadas with beans and cheese that she made. We watched Enemy of the State dubbed in to Spanish (she never saw it before; I never saw it in Spanish) and I showed her how to shuffle a deck and how to play the card game Gin Rummy.

So much for Deadwood getting updated this weekend.

However, Neeo contributed two minor patches; one that speeds things up a little bit, and another that makes sure 0-TTL entires are not cached.

Check it out at www.maradns.org/deadwood.

I will also bump up both stable releases of MaraDNS later on this week with a bugfix; until I make the release official, people can check out the 1.2 stable update and the 1.3 stable update.