Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MaraDNS support rant

I just had to refuse yet another ask for MaraDNS support sent as a comment here. As a reminder, MaraDNS support requests sent to the blog will not be published.

Also, I finally went to my PayPal account, and, lo and behold, it has a balance of zero. I once, back when I was doing email support, had someone claim they sent me a PayPal donation, and request support, when, in fact, no such donation was ever sent to me.

The only place for MaraDNS support is on the MaraDNS mailing list, unless you have an undiscovered security bug to report.

On more cheerful news, I have gotten a couple of very positive pieces of fan mail sent to me. Fan mail is greatly appreciated, and I apologize for not having a chance to send people sending me positive emails a personalized reply thanking them for their kind words and their support.

Update: OK, I got some small donations from various sources. It would seem Paypal won't let me use these donations until they confirm me. So I'll see if I have a check for my checking account at home I can use for the confirmation (they wouldn't let me confirm by getting their credit card). As it turns out I never got older donations and they were returned to the donor.

Thank you everyone for your donations. I will work on getting my account confirmed in the next day or two.