Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I will not implement DNS curve

I will not implement DNS curve.

Sorry, guys. It's just, over the years, I have had too much bad blood with DJB and with DJB advocates. Back in 2001, I supported DJB on his "lets flame all of the BIND developers" crusade.

Despite this, he had this childish response to my 2002 Bugtraq announcement of MaraDNS. In addition, I have had a number of unpleasant experiences with DjbDNS zealots over the years.

I understand that DJB has partially addressed the issues I brought up back in 2007 by making DjbDNS public domain instead of its old "useless unless you like patching like crazy" license it used to have.

I find DJB advocates loud-mouthed and unpleasant. DJB's behavior in the early 2000s with BIND developers on mailing lists like Namedroppers was unacceptable, and the fact is that DJB has never apologized for his behavior there.

If DJB wants to have a DNS standard that other DNS implementors will want to implement, he needs to have more respect for the DNS standards process and for other people who have implemented DNS, including the BIND developers.