Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Final MaraDNS snapshot for the 20{0}0s

I have just uploaded what will be the final MaraDNS snapshot for the 2000s: I have added a Changelog with MaraDNS 1.4.02 which I will adjust when I release MaraDNS 1.4.02 early next year, errr decade.

Now that I have updated the main documentation, the next thing I will do is make sure MaraDNS 1.4 passes all of the SQA regressions in the sqa/regressions directory. I will, as needed, revise MaraDNS 1.4 and/or the tests to make sure MaraDNS 1.4 hasn't introduced any new bugs.

Once I do that, I will release MaraDNS 1.4.02.

I will not be online for the new year's holiday, but should continue work on MaraDNS next week.

I have had a very productive 2000s working on MaraDNS, and hope to finally finish up MaraDNS in the early 2010s (ideally, with Deadwood 3.0 in mid-2010 and MaraDNS 2.0 before the end of the year).