Friday, December 4, 2009

Javascript Manic Miner

I found a version of Manic Miner more suitable for putting on the next (2010) version of my Desert Island CD: There is a Javascript implementation of Manic Miner out there.

I was able to scrape all of the files needed to play this, and after using PNGCRUSH and advpng to make the PNG files as small as possible, I was able to get this entire working Manic Miner implementation to fit in under 32k (7zip compressed).

Unlike other Manic Miner implementations, where the authors take a sadistic delight in hiding the cheat codes from users (I don’t understand why Andy Noble changed the cheat code for Manic Miner), this one is easily modified with a text editor to change the initial level or give the player unlimited lives; these are even variables easily set at the beginning of the program.

So, I’ve gotten Manic Miner down from 450KB to 32KB. Like I said before, I’ll put wedding photos in the newly opened up free space or another tiny video game if I can find something usable out there.