Monday, May 24, 2010

Deadwood 2.6.02 released: Non-glueless recursion

Deadwood, after over two years since its initial release, is finally starting to have support for DNS recursion.

In the release of Deadwood, a subset of DNS names will recursively resolve: Names that do not require glueless NS records to be solved or incomplete CNAME records to be finished.

Here is my current roadmap for Deadwood:
  • Add support for solving glueless NS records (This will be 2.6.03)
  • Add support for finishing incomplete CNAME referrals (This will be 2.6.04)
  • Add support for ANY records — have it so the “in bailiwick” tester understands any RR type is OK when an “ANY“ record is asked for (This will be 2.9.01 — the first feature-complete recursive release for testing)
As always:

Look in the “testing” directory for Deadwood 2.6.02; look in the “TCC” directory for the source code for the Tiny C Compiler the deadwood-tcc release uses.