Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chortle 0.24 released

Now that I have a little bit of a breather after releasing Deadwood 2.6.03 (we’re getting pretty close to having Deadwood 2.9.01 with full recursive DNS support), I am wrapping up a couple of little projects I put on the back burner while working on 2.6.03.

One project was backporting the memory leak fix to the 2.5 branch of Deadwood, which I did this morning. My next little project has been to make a monospace version of the Chortle font; this isn't a true monospace font; all I have done is run a script that squashes the wide letters and centers the narrow letters so they are all the same width.

In addition, I have removed the Bold Italic version of Chortle. In all honesty, Chortle has a regular weight, a bold weight, and an italic version, as well as the monospace version; it doesn’t need a bold + italic weight.

Chortle 0.24 can be downloaded here: