Saturday, July 18, 2009

MaraDNS and Deadwood update

I just posted an update to Deadwood; this hopefully solves the once in a blue moon crashes I'm seeing. I didn't make sure the values of certain variables were not null before referencing the pointers; I have fixed this issue and will run Deadwood for 24 hours to make sure nothing else comes up. It can be downloaded at the usual location.

I'm getting good results from my "Don't bug me in private email if you don't want to pay up. That includes non-security bug reports" policy; someone has just offered to pay me a little to give them a little MaraDNS support. My prices are very reasonable and reflect the current economic situation we are in.

Another person got upset when I told them to pay up to talk to me about MaraDNS in private email. I've set up three more different form replies to handle people like this. The form replies can be summarized as "You're rude, go away", "Report the bug to the MaraDNS mailing list", and "Really, I mean show me the money or take it to the list". These four form replies (the original one being "Show me the money or take it to the list") should handle pretty much any user wanting private email support for MaraDNS.

Remember: MaraDNS is free, support on the email list is free, but support by private email is not free.

I've been getting a lot of comments about DNScurve, which I just approved the majority of (the anonymous ones were flamebait or downright wrong, so weren't published). No, I'm not going to support it. Not only have I had personal issues with DJB, but Mr. Kaminsky (the person who discovered how to poison DNS caches) has told me DNScurve isn't as secure as DNSSEC. I don't have time to look at the two proposals; I'll just take Kaminsky's word for it.