Friday, July 3, 2009

Revised Deadwood roadmap

OK, in light of the hard-to-reproduce crashes of Deadwood, I need to bunker down and harden the code for Deadwood:
  • Make sure the compression code makes no warnings (or leaks) when using Valgrind and compiled with -DVALGRIND_NOERRORS
  • Harden all routines in DwCompress.c; always check return codes and always make sure something is not null before doing a->b type code. Ignore the "52 lines per function" rule when doing this hardening but follow all other coding style standards
  • Once the code is hardened, go back and split up functions as needed to keep everything below 52 lines in length again
The compression code works but there are subtle bugs which result in a crash once every two or three hours which are a pain to track down.

When will I do that? Starting on Friday, July 17th. I am now officially on a hiatus from Deadwood and MaraDNS development. Unless it's a bugtraq-worthy security report, I will not make any changes to Deadwood nor MaraDNS for the next two weeks.

In addition, I will not post any more blogs here for a while.

Have a happy 4th of July, Americans, and a happy 2-week summer break everyone!