Thursday, July 23, 2009

ObHack EOL announcment

I'm just letting people know I currently have no plans to continue development of my ObHack fork of Oblige. This includes bug fixes and feature improvements. If you want to become the maintainer of this project, let me know.

I've decided the "you've found a secret area" message popping up outside the secret door once in a blue moon is not a serious enough bug to merit making a new ObHack release.

I recently posted, on my personal blog, an entry about no longer playing deathmatch games that were in vogue in the 1990s but have gone out of style. Most people play games on dedicated consoles, or play MMORPGs (multiplayer role playing games, like World of Warcraft) these days.

While I still enjoy the occasional Doom single player game, it's no longer something important enough to me to merit devoting a programming project to it.