Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deadwood 2.4.08 released; MaraDNS snapshot update

Since I have delayed, for the time being, my work finishing up the recursive version of Deadwood and releasing MaraDNS 2.0, I am declaring Deadwood 2.4 stable and making it the new stable version of Deadwood.

Deadwood 2.4 has a number of features Deadwood 2.3 doesn't have, most notably RR rotation, TTL aging, and dictionary support for upstream_servers--you can have one upstream DNS servers to recursively resolve "" for you and another, that redirects phishing domains, resolve "" or "" for you.

I have just released Deadwood 2.4.08 today. Compared to Deadwood 2.3, Deadwood 2.4 has:
  • TCP and UDP done by the same service/process
  • upstream_servers now a full "dictionary" variable
  • Full DNS compression and decompression support
  • RR rotation and TTL aging
  • ip_blacklist support (if you have an annoying ISP DNS server that redirects mistyped domains to some ad-filled page, just put the IPs of that annoying page on your ip_blacklist and Deadwood will make it a DNS "not there" reply again)
  • execfile support (Deadwood can now include other files while parsing its configuration file)
  • Merging multiple identical in-flight queries (if you just asked for, and ask for it again, instead of creating a new query for, it will just merge your query with the one already sent)
It can be downloaded here:

I have also updated the MaraDNS snapshot release to have the download page point to the new 2.4 stable release of Deadwood.