Sunday, November 22, 2009

Desert Island update

Earlier this month, I updated my Desert Island disk and changed a few files. Notably:
  • Instead of Doom, we now have six tiny video games: C-evo, David Teach’s Ginny Rummy, a tiny under 400k version of Zillions of Games (only Chess and a couple of variants, no music, no sounds), Cultivation, and two of Andy Noble’s games (Tetris, Manic Miner)
  • I have added a lot of pictures, most notably a nice desktop background picture I took nearly two decades ago and more family pictures
  • I’ve added the text of a 1979 computer article talking about computers in the home
  • Various other minor updates, most notably progress on making sure we correctly use “LORD” or “The LORD” in the Old Testament of my modified World English Bible
  • I no longer have a guide for reading playing cards; this is something I no longer do
  • MSYS update to 1.0.11; 7zip updated to 4.65
  • Spanish accents for a US keyboard added