Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deadwood handling problematic upstream DNS servers

Well, after upgrading to Deadwood 2.4.08 on my system, I was getting a lot more “We could not find the server you looked for” error messages in my browsers. The problem is that the particular upstream servers I use are buggy and send out bad DNS packets which confuse my browsers.

Deadwood has had in place the ability to filter and remove packets like this, which I set up to be disabled in Deadwood 2.4.08 because sometimes filtering causes these packets causes issues (read this thread for the gory details); however with the particular upstream servers I use, setting it to 0 is better.

So, if you use Deadwood and are having problems with your browser or what not reporting it can’t find sites at times, add the following line to your dwood2rc file:

deliver_all = 0