Monday, January 4, 2010

Deadwood snapshot update: Compiles in TCC

I have updated Deadwood so that it compiles and runs using TCC in Windows.

The majority of the work doing this was adding the appropriate libraries and header files to TCC itself. This in mind, I have created a new directory with a 7-zip compressed version of Deadwood with TCC and all needed libraries and header files to compile Deadwood included. Since TCC is LGPL, I also have a copy of TCC's source code. These files can be downloaded here:

I also have added a version of the batch file to compile Deadwood in TCC to the main Deadwood release.

I had to make a one-line change in Deadwood to get it to compile in TCC: I forgot to correctly declare one parameter as an extern. This is the advantage of making sure Deadwood compiles in something besides GCC: By using other compilers, I can catch mistakes that GCC does not catch (even with -Wall). In addition, we now have a distribution of Deadwood's source in under 300k that includes a compiler; this is useful for Windows users who don't want to deal with installing MinGW and MSYS before compiling Deadwood.