Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deadwood support clarification

OK, it finally happened: Someone emailed me with a Deadwood support concern. So, I have just updated the Deadwood page and the page with my email address to clarify the following (which is in Deadwood's INSTALL.txt):

The channels of support for Deadwood are the same as for MaraDNS: Post it to the MaraDNS mailing list or pay me for support via email. Details are at http://www.maradns.org.

Sorry, guys. I'm not being paid for my time writing these programs, yet give these programs away free of charge with very liberal (BSD) licensing terms. I used to provide free MaraDNS email support, but this no longer became practical about two years ago; the backlog became too big for me to answer in a timely manner. Please either pay me or use the mailing list if you need support. Ditto with blog comments; please don't ask questions on the blog; the place for free support is the MaraDNS list.