Friday, August 13, 2010

Deadwood 2.9.04 released

I have released Deadwood today. This is the recursive resolver that I recommend all MaraDNS and Deadwood users use unless they have a compelling reason to use an older release of a recursive resolver; all other MaraDNS recursive code will now only be updated to address critical security problems. For example, if MaraDNS 1.0’s resolver stops being able to resolve or tomorrow, I will not update it; I will tell people to update to Deadwood.

That said, this is still a beta-test release of Deadwood. The code has only been beta-tested for under a month and I want to get two full months of beta testing before declaring it stable. I really appreciate all of the bugs and issues Sebastian Müller has reported and hope other people also test this software and report issues.

It may seem unusual that I am not fixing bugs with the stable 1.0 recursive resolver while the Deadwood (MaraDNS 2.0) recursive resolver is only undergoing beta-testing. This isn’t entirely true; if someone reports a bug with MataDNS 1.0’s recursive resolver and wants it fixed, I will fix it. For a price. My business model with MaraDNS is to use the program as my resume (since I was having fun in Mexico during the first decade of the 2000s, it’s how I have been keeping my computer skills up to date), as well as accepting donations and selling service and support. [1]

Right now, the kinds of bugs I want people to look for and report in Deadwood are host names that do not resolve. If there is a host out there that correctly resolves in BIND or whatever, but doesn’t resolve in Deadwood, I want to know about it. I also want to know about any memory leaks people find in Deadwood. I welcome reports of crashes, but only if accompanied by a stack trace or recipe to reproduce the crash (ideally both). Valgrind errors are OK to report, but only if Deadwood is compiled with “VALGRIND_NOERRORS” defined (export FLAGS='-g -DVALGRIND_NOERRORS' ; make from the src/ directory of Deadwood). I would love people to test IPv6 compatibility with Deadwood; the SQA regressions tell me Deadwood works with IPv6, but I would love reports from users on IPv6 networks to see if they are any real-world problems with it (IPv6 needs to be explicitly enabled when compiling Deadwood: export FLAGS='-O3 -DIPV6' ; make ).

Deadwood 2.9.04 can be downloaded here:

[1] I find it incredibly naive when people tell me I work on MaraDNS because I want to tweak things or what not. No, sorry freetards, the amount of work I do on MaraDNS is far greater than tweaking around and installing a new Linux distribution or compiling a program with different optimization flags. The reason I worked so hard on MaraDNS is because I wanted to make my mark on the world, have my Wikipedia page. I did that. And it was a nice way for me to pass the time during slower moments in Mexico when there weren’t girls around to flirt with. But, now I’m married and I need to think about the bottom line. Amazing how a wife changes my priorities.