Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Deadwood snapshot: mkSecretTxt added; doc/internals updated

In today’s snapshot of Deadwoood, I have added the mkSecretTxt program I made for the 1.4.04 release of MaraDNS. When adding it to Deadwood, I have added a test to make sure secret.txt does not exist before overwriting it. The thinking is that Windows shies away from potentially dangerous commands more than *NIX does; since overwriting secret.txt without prompting is an example of the old dangerous (and, IMO, obsolete) *NIX way, mkSecretTxt no longer does this.

In addition, I have gone through the doc/internals folder and updated the files there. In the case of a couple of files, I just added a note that the file in question is out of date.

It can be downloaded here:

OK, back to learning C++.