Monday, August 9, 2010

New Deadwood snapshot: fixed

While doing my own “dogfood” testing for Deadwood, I discovered that the host name “” did not resolve. The issue was that I never bothered to make DNS queries case-insensitive.

The solution is to convert all DNS queries in to their lower-case form before looking them up in the cache or sending another query out to resolve a glueless NS/incomplete CNAME (in the case of “”, the issue was that the CNAMEs were in upper case). In addition, since there may very well be some stub resolvers out there that won’t accept an answer unless it’s in the same case as the question, I now have Deadwood preserve the case in the original form of the query to give back to the stub resolver, using a variable called “orig_query”.

It can be downloaded here:

The patch can also be looked at.

I can see the program is getting some attention by the number of clueless emails I am getting asking for private Deadwood support. It would be nice if these people would pay me once I give them the usual form reply asking for money. That has not happened; people who do not have enough courtesy to heed multiple disclosures that email is only for paying customers are not courteous enough to decide to pay for support. It’s a form of the internet dork rule: The anonymity of the internet coupled with the ease of getting on a soapbox attracts all kinds of unpleasant people; the corollary to this rule is that any unmoderated forum is soon overrun by unpleasant people, since anyone who doesn’t want to waste time getting in to a flame war is soon chased away by the trolls and flamers.

Hopefully this attention will soon translate in to a job with a living wage. Things are tough in this economy, and looking for work is sometimes very frustrating. The only serious interest I have gotten is from people who know about MaraDNS or from connections. Simply putting my resume out there on Monster or Dice so far hasn’t resulted in anything.