Monday, March 12, 2007

Chortle 0.20 released

I have released Chortle 0.20 today. This has a number of changes from the last release of Chortle:
  • Dot removed from 0. It didn't look that great in printed documents.
  • Bitmap renderings overhauled. Most serifs removed from bitmao renderings; lower case letters "b", "d", "g", "p", "q", "o", "y" made more round to be easier to read.
  • Unicode versions of fonts removed. All fonts are now encoded with the "MaraIPA" encoding. Now I no longer have to maintain two versions of the same fonts.
  • Bdf non-bold weight name changed from "book" to "medium"
  • 17 pixel version of bold and italic font addded
  • Vector/Outline BoldItalic version of font copied from source, in order to make this more attractive, with Chortle changes to "1", "1/4", "3/4", and middle dot done.
Here are samples of Chortle at bitmap resoltions:

Chortle is available for download here: