Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Chortle update

Last night, I went to so effort to see if the low-resolution bitmap version of the Chortle font would look better if there was more spacing between the letters. Here was the result:

In the image, the first paragraph is the original font. The second paragraph is a version of the font that always has two pixels between letters. The third paragraph is a version where there are between one and two pixels between letters.

After doing a lot of testing by reading a lot of text with all these fonts, I decided that the original version is the best. The version with two pixels between fonts doesn't give the letters enough space to look nice--I can't change the size of the letters because I want to preserve the metrics of the printing/outline/vector font. The version with between one and two pixels between letters has more attractive letters, but the variable spacing between letters makes it hard to read.

In the original version, the serifs and how they almost connect between letters seems to make the font easier to read.

That said, I have all three versions of the font available in a snapshot I uploaded today.

I will update the webpage for MaraDNS Friday. I will also realease Charter 0.2. At this point, the font is ready for me to start working on the software that will use the font--I will change the software to use more sizes when I make more sizes.

My MaraDNS project: Document how MaraDNS allocates and frees cache elements.