Friday, October 12, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot update: ipv6 works again

I have uploaded an update to the MaraDNS snapshot. Here are the changes since the last update:
  • I broke ipv6 in the last snapshot release when I changed MaraDNS to compile with no warnings when compiled as an authoritative-only server. Fortunatly, my regressions very quickly caught this bug, and I made the one-line fix to get ipv6 to work again.
  • Mr. Sarton has added ipv6 support to the askmara-tcp tool (He's actually added a lot of ipv6 support, which I'm slowly making part of the post 1.3.07 code as I get time to evaluate his patches).
  • I have added some tests to make sure we can use DNS-over-TCP to send packets over 512 bytes in length (not a big real-world issue, since MaraDNS has full RFC2181 DNS truncation support)
  • Some slight updates to the documentation included with the deadwood code
The code can be downloaded here.

I hope to have time Sunday to update Deadwood some more, and release another snapshot Monday.

- Sam