Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MaraDNS snapshot update

I have been hard at work on the Deadwood project these last few days. This is the code that will eventually replace MaraDNS' recursive core. I have managed to accomplish the following with the Deadwood code this weekend:
  • I created a finite state machine tokenizer that can convert a FSM definition in to easy-to-parse tokens.
  • I greated a FSM definition that can parse mararc files.
  • I created a parser to parse the tokenized mararc FSM definition.
  • I wrote a wrapper for the FSM parser to parse mararc files and store the parameters in memory for access by other parts of the Deadwood project.
  • I added some capabilities to the DwString library so it is able to do all of the above.
  • I wrote a coding style document for the Deadwood code.
I have also made some minor revisions to the main MaraDNS code:
  • I have added an #ifdef that should resolve the problem with running MaraDNS on cygwin
  • I have removed the one warning visible when MaraDNS is compiled as an authoritative-only client (with ipv6 support to boot)
Anyway, the snapshot can be looked at here.
I am aware that MaraDNS support email is currently not working. I have let the relevant people know, and things will hopefully be resolved in a few days.