Friday, January 9, 2009

Deadwood 2.03 released

Well, I spoke too soon about not updating Deadwood until I can get my CentOS Vmware image up and going again. I discovered a bug in Deadwood this morning. The bug is pretty minor: Should Deadwood not be able to bind to all IP addresses it tries to bind to, it would end with a deceptive error message.

I just changed the code to have Deadwood still run as long as it binds to at least one IP address. Yeah, I should add code to warn the user which IP addresses we did not bind to, but the whole messaging system needs an overhaul.

This version of Deadwood has otherwise worked for me without problem for over four months. I am declaring this stable and Deadwood 2.03.

It can be downloaded here:
The md5 sum is 9490d474a4a25b01297ce58e019c5994.

The sha1 sum is cb1e4dffb3e110208ea03b42345fa1adb4c56654.

The Radio Gatun 32 sum is