Saturday, January 17, 2009

MaraDNS update; the last one for a while

OK, I have uploaded another snapshot of MaraDNS today. This should be the last MaraDNS snapshot I will upload in a while; I am going to concentrate my work on Deadwood for the time being.

Basically, only critical bugs in MaraDNS will be handled during 2009. A critical bug is:
  • An Alexa top 500 site not resolving with MaraDNS
  • A bug that makes MaraDNS terminate
  • A memory leak in MaraDNS
  • A bug that makes it so MaraDNS will not compile in any version of GCC 3 or higher
  • Any other bug that I deem to be a serious bug (it'll be my call)
I have looked at how MaraDNS handles zone files with incorrect DNS delegations and it appears MaraDNS can usually handle these kinds of zones; I have discussed my research and workaround in previous blog entries.

The only change in today's snapshot is that I forgot to close the quote in the URL to Unbound; making the page look weird in Firefox. I have added this quote, resulting in a one-character change to the tarball, and have uploaded it here:

This should be my last MaraDNS release for a while.

Now I will get back to working on Deadwood again. My next project is to fix the "Google problem".