Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MaraDNS snapshot update

Since a bug with MaraDNS' recursive resolver has been found, involving handling poorly done DNS zone files (click on the "bug" link for the details), I have been in the process of setting up a Vmware virtual machine for developing and testing MaraDNS while in Windows (I have a number of rants which detail why I use Windows XP instead of Linux for my desktop OS).

The Vmware virtual machine is a "guest" operating system for Vmware player which I downloaded from a repository called Thought police. The OS I chose is CentOS 5.2, since CentOS 4 doesn't have a working ethernet interface allowing it to interact directly with Windows or the internet, and since 5.2 looks to be the most supported branch of CentOS 5 (maybe the only supported branch). I'm using CentOS instead of Ubuntu or Fedora since it's a good deal more stable and less prone to change breaking things at some developer's whim.

I have been spending the last couple of days getting this virtual machine set up as a MaraDNS testing platform (removing X, adding a compiler, applying security updates, etc.) then getting MaraDNS to work with this stock CentOS install. Mostly everything worked, except one of the regression tests, which I fixed to work without needing non-standard tools like the "ip" program.

I also updated the script that makes the tarballs for me to use less non-standard programs. Notably, we will no longer have a ".lzma" version of MaraDNS; while the compression is better, the format never caught on except in the Busybox community, and using fewer formats that are more standard for the release makes maintenance simpler.

I have also updated the version of Deadwood 2 included with this program to be the latest Deadwood 2.03.

Now that things work in my Vmware image of CentOS 5.2, I hope to have time to look at that resolving bug later on this week.

The file can be downloaded here (the word "here" is a link to click on).