Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deadwood minor update

I have posted a minor update to Deadwood today. I'm just taking a couple of days to get psychologically in "finish Deadwood" mode and ramp up to spending all my geek time developing the code.

My goal right now, for Deadwood 2.5.01, is to have Deadwood able to look at a remote reply and determine whether:
  • The reply is a complete reply; if there are any CNAME records in the reply, all CNAME records have a corresponding A (or whatever) record
  • The reply is an incomplete CNAME reply
  • The reply is a NS referral. All records with A or AAAA glue are converted in to IPs; all incomplete records (NS referrals without names) are stored as names
  • The reply is a not there reply
The next bit of code I will write is the code to convert A and AAAA glue in to simple IPs.