Monday, September 28, 2009

New MaraDNS snapshot: FAQ updated

I've updated the MaraDNS FAQ to point out that MaraDNS doesn't resolve names in domains she sub-delegates; this is my follow-up to the concern brought up in this mailing list thread.

Opera users: Please tell what HTML I need to change on MaraDNS' FAQ page to get it to render properly (to get the box with the FAQ questions and answers to be to the right of, instead of below, the navigation toolbar on the left). This page renders fine in IE8 and Firefox 3.5; it's only Opera 10 that seems to have a problem with it (and other pages at render fine in Opera 10).

Update: Opera is having problems with the FAQ overflowing in horizontal size because it uses a slightly bigger font for fixed-width text. The offending <pre> tag is in this FAQ question. I'll see what I can do to fix the CSS to work around this Opera-specific issue.

Second update: Fixed. I've also added the question numbers to all the FAQ answers, and fixed an "otther" to correctly be "other".