Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another feature to add for Deadwood 3.0

Another feature I will need to add to Deadwood 3.0 before releasing it is giving it the ability to parse legal MaraDNS 1.x files.

This means I have to add every single variable MaraDNS 1.x has in mararc files and adding it to Deadwood. For the most past, the variables will be ignored and do nothing; the Deadwood man page will have, for each of these variables, a description of the variable and the note "This variable does not affect Deadwood and is only here so Deadwood can parse MaraDNS mararc files". For example, we will have a "dummy" csv2 dictionary variable (a pointer to a zone file in MaraDNS 1.2+) which will do nothing in Deadwood.

The most notable change I will have to make is adding support for ipv4_alias to Deadwood 3.0, which will result in the code which parses IPs being re-written.