Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deadwood 2.3.05 released

I have released Deadwood 2.3.05 today. This is a stable release of Deadwood; the only changes from Deadwood 2.3.04 are bug fixes. To wit:
  • Spurious fflush() removed
  • Deadwood now forwards on to the client (but doesn't cache) unusual DNS packets, as long as the ID and question match. This can be disabled by setting a new dwood2rc parameter, deliver_all, to 0
  • Slight revision to code so it will compile in GCC 4.4 without any warnings
  • Documentation and SQA tests updated. Most notably, the deliver_all parameter is documented and the BUGS section of the manpage points out having an incomplete last line is a syntax error.
It can be downloaded here: