Monday, October 19, 2009

Final Schoolbook opening research for 2009

OK, last night I finished up my opening research for Schoolbook. I’ve been spending the last two weeks researching Schoolbook chess and similar chess variants, and discovered the following:
  • White has about a 7% advantage in Schoolbook
  • Of all six Capablanca chess setups in the form RXNBXKBNXR, the Aberg setup, RANBQKBNMR is the most balanced; white only has a 3% advantage in this setup
  • Black can minimize white’s advantage by replying to 1. e4 with 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Nb6; 1. f4 is handled with 1. f4 c5; and 1. c4 is handled with 1. c4 Mh6(!)
  • I’ve found over 100 pretty mates (mating positions where one side think they are ahead, then the other side finds a mating combination
For people who want to see the research determining that the Aberg setup is the most balanced, or want to see those pretty mates, they are here:
For people who are wondering what I’m talking about, some helpful links:OK, I’m done with chess variants for 2009. Next: Get proficient at C++ and object-oriented programming, so I can update my job skills.