Sunday, October 11, 2009

MaraDNS in the press

Yesterday, I worked on some research seeing what the press says about MaraDNS. The press has a said a lot of good things about MaraDNS. Here are some examples of books, articles, and papers which discuss MaraDNS:MaraDNS is used by a number of ISPs to serve thousands of domains. MaraDNS is used by Boeing. MaraDNS is ready to be used by your business or enterprise.

I have uploaded a new version of MaraDNS today. In addition to adding the above material showing third parties praising MaraDNS to the MaraDNS advocacy page, I have also changed the next version number of MaraDNS to be MaraDNS 1.4.01. The release can be downloaded here

The MaraDNS 1.4 series will be an actively maintain series of releases that continues to use the older recursive code for people who need both an authoritative and recursive DNS server on the same IP. The only changes to this branch will be security and critical bug fixes. I will release this around the same time I release MaraDNS 2.0.