Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deadwood 2.9.02 released ; keep on testing guys

I have released Deadwood 2.9.02 today. This is Deadwood 2.9.01 with bugfixes and documentation improvements. In more detail, here are the changes since 2.9.01:
  • Script to apply patches against one version of Deadwood to make the next Deadwood release made (based on similar MaraDNS script; this is something I have implemented now that the code is feature-complete and ready for general testing)
  • INSTALL.txt updated to not mention DwMain (Deadwood's older name; issue reported on mailing list)
  • DW_MAXIPS increased to 128 (issue reported on mailing list)
  • Spurious debug message removed
  • Documentation updates (root_servers more fully described in man page; more questions and answers added to FAQ; fixes things I saw myself and reported on mailing list)
  • Bug reporting policy update (you better have a stack trace or be able to reproduce a crash; otherwise I can’t use the bug report. No current issue; but I have had stuff like this with MaraDNS. Any joker can pretend Deadwood is crashing, but I won’t believe you without proof)
  • Issue getting “SERVER FAIL” when AAAA query points to non-existent AAAA fixed. (Reported on mailing list)
  • Issue when we get a “ CNAME ; A” packet (where “” is a CNAME for “”) fixed. (Found this one during my own “dogfood” testing of Deadwood)
  • Deadwood for Windows now built using MinGW 3.4.2 instead of MinGW 3.1.0 (issue found by myself and discussed on mailing list)
It can be downloaded here:

As an aside, now that I’m visibly actively working with users again so we can find and fix bugs together, I have been getting a lot more private email asking for MaraDNS support. I don’t mind this email (I’ve come to accept it’s a natural consequence of MaraDNS becoming popular), but you’re going to get the “pay me or take it to the list” form reply (I’ve come to accept people will occasionally get all worked up I don’t provide free support; I forward such lusers [1] on to the list, like I warn people I may do in my form reply, for our collective amusement).

I hope some of the people sending me this kind of email pay me for MaraDNS support; I can use the money. Or better yet, get me a real job with a living wage. Now that MaraDNS 2.0’s recursive resolver is feature-complete, I hope to have time to master OOP, Java, and whatever other buzzwords I need on my resume to get the job to support my beautiful wife.

[1] Someone who doesn’t read the “no free private email support” disclaimer at the bottom of the MaraDNS web page, as well as on the webpage with my email address, not to mention at the bottom most postings I make to the mailing list, and then flames me in response to my form reply asking for money [2] gets a LART in the form of me going public with their email. Especially since the form reply says, very clearly at the top, that I may forward their email to the MaraDNS mailing list.

[2] It doesn’t just ask for money. It also lets them know they can get free support by posting it to the MaraDNS list.