Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sudo in CentOS

I finally got sick and tired of having to, in CentOS, type in su, followed by the root password, just to run Deadwood (which needs to run as root since it needs to bind to port 53), followed by exiting the root prompt. So, I finally did a simple RTFM with the “sudo” man page and edited /etc/sudoers so that my user account can use sudo to run the program. Just like how things are done in Ubuntu.

Come to think of it, I could have used dns_port to have Deadwood bind to a unprivileged port and then just connect to that port. But, then again, I would have to add selectable port numbers to askmara (my command-line utility in MaraDNS for making DNS queries from the command line). Nah.

Now, if only there was a sudo get_me_a_job and sudo get_my_wife_a_US_visa (well, there is the second one, but it supposedly takes about a year; I need a sudo nice -20 get_my_wife_a_US_visa so they will do it faster).