Thursday, April 26, 2007

MaraDNS 1.2 stable snapsot released; MOAM-CD update

I have release a stable snapsot of MaraDNS 1.2 today. This is a backport of some bugfixes in the 1.3 branch. Unless an urgent bug comes up, I will release MaraDNS in mid-May 2007. With the stable branch, unless there is an urgent security issue, I will only issue update once every three months, so system administrators have minimum downtime updating MaraDNS.

The snapshot is here:

MaraDNS 1.2 snapshots

I have hit a snag with MOAM-CD. It seems that X doesn't like the kernel I have compiled. I can not find documentation telling me exactly what I must enable in the kernel to get X to work, and looking at the seetings and in the documentation did not help either. Strace didn't help either. So, I've downloaded the source to the most recently updated kernel for CentOS 3, and will look at those settings. Worst case, MOAM-CD will use the kernel CentOS 3 uses.

I also see X has been updated, but I don't have space on my flash drive to download it. Maybe tomorrow.

Once I get X working, I will release MOAM-CD. I was up late last night working on MOAM-CD, and ended up so tired today that I forgot to turn off the water heater after showering. Which is a bad idea, since out cheap heater does not have a thermostat.