Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MOOF (MaraDNS on one Floppy) update

After finding some fairly serious bugs testing MaraDNS on one Floppy yesterday, I stayed up until 2am workong and MOOF, and released MOOF 0.3 today. First of all, the Linux kernel has been updated from to This is a minor security-only update.

I also tried updating Dropbear from 0.48.1 to 0.49, but about 45 minutes before I had to leave for work, I discovered that Dropbear 0.49 uses large (> 2GB) file support. So, I quickly regressed Dropbear back to 0.48.1 and repackaged MOOF 0.3. It was the fastest release I think I've ever done.

I managed to make the kernel smaller by using advancedcomp to shrink the compressed kernel image. I also removed support for the /proc/bus/usb; the 30k or so of space this code uses is not needed for basic USB "keychain" storage device support. Since I had quite of free space at this point, I added some Busybox goodies, such as awk, traceroute, and du.

I also wrote a tiny little 4-function calculator in C that uses floating point numbers and does basic left-to-right parsing. The stripped binary is under 3 kilobytes in size.

Anyway, I it's interesting how a number of blogs are proclaiming that the floppy disk is dead. With new developments in the open source world--Busybox, for example, there is still some life left in the floppy disk. Indeed, I can fit all the code needed for me to upload new software releases on a single floppy today--indeed, this is exactly how I uploaded MOOF 0.3 today.

Anyway, I have to go. MOOF is at

- Sam