Monday, April 30, 2007

First developers-only public MOAM-CD release

OK, since I am able to use MOAM-CD to upload the file and post this blog, I will make my first public developers-only release of MOAM-CD. The system is still buggy; I needed to try about five or six different computers in this cyber cafe to get this system to work. And, things are still quite buggy. For example:
  1. I have to type in HOME=/root; export HOME; PATH=$PATH:/usr/X11R6/bin; export $PATH before I can configure and use X.
  2. I have to configure, at boot time, the location of the CD-ROM drive
  3. /etc is not writable, and there is no /etc/resolv.conf
  4. On one system, it hangs after loading the kernel. This may be because I'm using a CD-RW instead of a CD-R (one way to test this: See if I can browse the CD and what not in Windows)
  5. I need to move over the probe script from MOOF in order to make probing for a network card easier
  6. modprobe doesn't work, probably because RedHat added some proprietary stuff to change the modules.dep format
  7. Since we don't have modprobe add the script to insert the USB modules, find the USB flash drive, and mount it (MOOF has this)
  8. Make it easier to get Spanish keyboard support; I often need accents when writing to my Spanish-speaking friends.

Problems 2 and 3 can be solved by seeting up an initrd to look for the CD (look for a given file that will only be there if the CD is a MOAM CD), and to make the core root system re-writable, extracting dev and etc from tarballs and what not.

I am not distributing a working boot MINI-CD. What I am distributing are scripts that, when run on my system, make the mini-cd ISO image. These scripts are hardcore; while there are tarballs for the programs not included with CentOS (Ace of Penguins, FVWM1, RXVT), the script expects you to have installed Opera on your system.

I prefer Firefox as a browser over Opera, but to make Firefox fit in the same 20 megs that Opera uses requires one to use the unmaintained, insecure 1.0 release of Firefox.

Anyway, the scripts and programs used by MOAM-CD can be downloaded at

I will release a release with initrd support and more suitable for installing with a stock CentOS 3 system in a few days.