Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MaraDNS on one Floppy

In order to give MaraDNS some more publicity, and to generate more interest in this program, I have made a special customized embedded distribution of Linux designed to show how small MaraDNS is. The entire distribution, including MaraDNS, drivers for most common ethernet card and boards, a SSH and SCP client, and support for USB flash devices, fits on a single floppy. The distribution consists of Linux, Busybox (for most of the *NIX environment), Dropbear (for the SSH and SCP client), and, of course, MaraDNS.

This distribution barely fits on a single floppy; I had to use the AdvancedComp tool to make the root image small enough on a single floppy with the kernel, with only a little over a kilobyte to spare. There's only about a kilobyte between the kernel and the root image, and very little between the end of the image and the end of the floppy--I want to reserve the last 512 bytes on the floppy for storing and loading configuration information, so people with static IPs don't have to retype their IP every time they boot from this floppy.

MaraDNS is, to the extent of my knowledge, the only open source full-fledged DNS server small enough to be part of a one-floppy self-contained system.

Check it out here:


- Sam