Sunday, April 15, 2007

MOOF 0.4.1 released; many more drivers but DHCP broken

I havr released MOOF (MaraDNS on one Floppy) today. It has many more drivers, but, alas, I disabled raw sockets when trying to make the kernel as small as possible, which breaks DHCP. My workaround is to just use what ifconfig gives me when using a Windows manchine to upload my files with MOOF.

This release can also save configuration information to the floppy containing MOOF, and read configuration from the floppy.

I need to make room for the raw socket support in the kernel; I am literally against the wall. The root image is to the byte big enough to fill up the floppy until the end of the fourth-to-last sector (there's about 48 bytes free between the end of the kernel and the beginning of the root image). The last three sectors (1536 bytes) are reserved for storing configuration information. The information is stored as a standard gzip compressed tarball; tar has enough per-file overhead that 1024 bytes is not enough space to fit two compressed files (one for configuration, one for a SSH private key that someone may have).

I could not test DHCP this weekend because my laptop doesn't have an ethernet card compatible with MOOF's drivers (it's a PCMCIA NIC). I will fix things probably on Wednesday (I'm working really hard both Monday and Tuesday).

- Sam